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All You Need To Know About Jokers In Rummy

All You Need To Know About Jokers In Rummy
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Are you new to rummy or just confused about how the jokers play a role in the game? Then this article will shed some light.

The 13-card rummy card game in India is generally played with two packs of cards with each pack having two printed jokers. Also, a random card is picked from the closed deck of cards in the game and that card is also used as a joker. This is known as the wild card joker.

How important is the joker while playing rummy online?

  • Out of all the rummy cards, the joker is considered to be a savior that can turn the tables.
  • It can be used as a substitute for any one card in the rummy game.
  • The value of the joker card is 0.
  • A joker can be used to create sequences and sets, except pure sequences. Without a pure sequence in the hand, even the joker card is useless.
  • They help in minimizing the high-card liability in the game when used in an impure sequence, especially with the A, K, Q and J.
  • When used wisely, jokers can help you win. When used carelessly, and by hoarding on jokers, you can lose focus on forming a pure sequence and lose.
  • When a player discards a joker, there are two different rules that players follow. One rule states that the other players cannot pick up the discarded joker from the pile, while the other rule allows doing so.

The joker card is vital for any rummy player. Play rummy online with Rummy Adda. Try your luck and win prizes. Use your skill and win real money.

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