Are You A Responsible Gamer? Find Out Through This Quiz

Are You A Responsible Gamer? Find Out Through This Quiz
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Being a responsible gamer means that you don’t cheat, are fair, adhere to the rules set by the gaming company, don’t indulge in abuse of other players, are not a hacker, don’t do anything illegal and are not addicted to gaming. Are you a responsible gamer? Let’s find out through this quiz.

1. If I had a chance, I would hack into a gaming website and use it to my favour.

A. Yes, absolutely!

B. Maybe

C. Never

2. If I lose a game, I abuse everyone around me and other players. I also tend to break things.

A. Yes, that’s me

B. I do that sometimes

C. No, I never do that

3. How important are the rules of a game to you?

A. Not at all, I don’t care for them

B. Depends, if they help me

C. I always follow the rules

4. I like betting high and prefer to spend time on my phone rather than with friends and family.

A. Yes, I am like that

B. Sometimes I behave like that

C. No, I am not like that

5. I cannot live without playing online games.

A. True

B. Sometimes

C. False


Maximum As: If you answered maximum of As, you really need to work on yourself. Irresponsible gaming can have drastic consequences. You may fall into serious trouble. Get help.

Maximum Bs: If you answered maximum of Bs, you are somewhere between a responsible and irresponsible gamer. Tilt towards responsible gaming before it’s too late.

Maximum Cs: If you answered maximum Cs in this quiz, it shows that you have control over yourself and are a responsible gamer. Kudos!

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