Why Playing Rummy Online Is Fun With Friends!
After the digital media boom in India, online gaming has become the next best thing. With more than 250 million gamers and game developing companies in India in 2019, online games are loved by all. Out of all the online games, playing card games online has been a favourite way for Indians to have some… (0 comment)

What Card Games Are Trending On The Internet?
If you are a fan of playing cards, then this article is going to interest you! Do you know what card games are trending online today? You can play them 24×7 with real players and from anywhere you want. Here are some games that are super popular. 1. Poker: One of the most popular online games… (0 comment)

All You Need To Know About Jokers In Rummy
Are you new to rummy or just confused about how the jokers play a role in the game? Then this article will shed some light. The 13-card rummy card game in India is generally played with two packs of cards with each pack having two printed jokers. Also, a random card is picked from the… (0 comment)

How Did The Card Suits Get Their Names & Designs?
Playing cards were invented long ago in China and eventually spread to Europe. The modern suits of cloves, spades, hearts and diamonds did not always exist. As the playing cards became popular and card games became fun, new suits were designed. The modern suits as we know have their origins in France (Paris and Rouen)… (0 comment)

The Full-Form Of Rummy According To Rummy Adda
Rummy Adda is India’s favourite destination for rummy, where by just using your skills, you can win lots of real money that can be transferred into your bank account. For every diehard rummy player, the meaning of rummy card game is completely different. For us at Rummy Adda, this is what rummy stands for. R… (0 comment)

5 Fun Things To Do This Festive Season
The festive season has always been a reason for cheer and joy. Meeting family and friends, eating amazing food, celebrating different rituals, dancing, singing and what not! Make this festive season a lot more fun by doing these five things: Make personalized greeting cards: With the advent of technology, we have forgotten the simple pleasure… (0 comment)