Love Card Games? Watch These Entertaining Movies
Invented centuries ago, the playing cards are one of the most popular games that can be played by people of all ages. Games like poker, Indian rummy, teen patti etc. are played the most using playing cards. If you love card games, then these entertaining movies are a must-watch for you! 1. Teen Patti (2010):  With… (0 comment)

How Are Rummy Players Different From Others?
Playing rummy does not just help you have fun and earn real money. It also hones your observations skills, decision-making abilities and mathematical skills. Rummy players are different from those who don’t play rummy at all in several ways. Rummy players have better memories. This comes with practice as they tend to memorize the cards… (0 comment)

Real money rummy is a fun-filled experience. But for some, it can also become an addiction. Are you addicted to rummy? What kind of a rummy player are you? Find out by answering these questions. 1. Every day, I play rummy for __________. A. 1-2 hours B. 2-4 hours C. More than 4 hours 2. If I don’t play… (0 comment)

What Are The Differences Between Rummy And Poker?
Rummy and poker are two super popular card games that are enjoyed by players of all ages. Despite their similarities and being based on probability, there are many differences between the two games. Skill vs luck: While poker is widely considered to be a game of luck as the cards are based on chance, while… (0 comment)

Does Psychology Play A Role In Playing Rummy?
Rummy is a lot more than just a card game. It has nuances of psychology weaved into the gameplay. One of the basic examples of psychology in rummy is when a player’s confidence level influences his or her skill on the table. As rummy is not a pure game of luck, a player’s psychology plays… (0 comment)

Online Gaming: Myths vs Facts
In India and abroad, online gaming has caught on like wildfire. People love playing games on their phones and computers and often find a getaway of their own through online games. Let’s dispel some popular myths about online games: 1. Myth: Online gaming is bad for kids. Fact: Online games are a form of brain exercise.… (0 comment)