How To Rank Up On An Online Rummy Leaderboard?
Rummy is an exciting game to spend your time on. It is not only a fun-filled, classic rummy experience but also an opportunity to earn real money. When you play live rummy with Rummy Adda, you can be a part of exciting tournaments and rank up on different leaderboards to earn amazing rewards. 1. Play as… (0 comment)

Mistakes To Avoid While Playing Online Rummy
Are you new to the 13 card rummy game and want to learn the ropes? To get better at the game of rummy and improve your rummy skills, avoid making these rookie mistakes that online rummy beginners often make. 1. Forgetting about the sequences: Don’t focus on making sets when you don’t have a pure sequence and real sequence ready. Sets… (0 comment)

5 Types Of Rummy Players – Which One Are You?
The popularity of online rummy is increasing every day. People from all walks of life are enjoying themselves playing online rummy. Most of the rummy players can be broadly divided into these five types. 1. The Novice: Almost every table has a novice player who has just started playing and is still learning the ropes.… (0 comment)