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Did You Know About These Variants of 13 Card Rummy?

Did You Know About These Variants of 13 Card Rummy?
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The 13-card rummy is an interesting rummy game that is played on online rummy sites today. Popular with card game lovers, the 13-card rummy is a great way to earn real money. With Rummy Adda, you can play 13-card rummy and be a part of thrilling, super-fun and rewarding rummy tournaments.

Did you know there are variants to 13-card rummy? Here are some rummy variants that are played with minor changes to the rules of the popular game:

Pool Rummy

An interesting rummy variant which generally has an entry fee, in the pool rummy, there is a pre-decided ceiling of points. Whichever player accumulates that many points, loses the game. The one with the lowest points in hand wins.

Deals Rummy

Like poker, this rummy variant is played with chips. Each chip is one point. Every player gets an equal number of chips at the start of the game. There are a set number of deals in this kind of rummy. At the end of each deal, the winner gets the chips of the losing players. The player with the highest number of chips wins.

Points Rummy

A popular variant and very similar to 13-card rummy, the only difference in this variant is that each point has a monetary value. The winner gets the total of all the points collected by the losing players and its corresponding monetary value.

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