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What Are The Differences Between Rummy And Poker?

What Are The Differences Between Rummy And Poker?
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Rummy and poker are two super popular card games that are enjoyed by players of all ages. Despite their similarities and being based on probability, there are many differences between the two games.

Skill vs luck:

While poker is widely considered to be a game of luck as the cards are based on chance, while rummy is a game of skill and logic where players can discard and pick cards. The sequences a player ends up with are a choice they make during the game.

No. of cards:

Rummy in India is generally played with 13 cards while poker is played with 5 cards, out of which 3 cards are the player’s hand.


In rummy, players draw and discard cards with the number of cards in their hand, constantly changing according to the sequence they are trying to create. In poker, players are dealt 3 cards, which are then clubbed with 2 on the table, that do not keep changing.

Compared to poker, rummy is a simpler and more popular card game to understand, play and learn. Rummy is considered to be a matching game, while poker is a betting game.

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