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Fantasy Sports: The Star Of Online Games

Fantasy Sports: The Star Of Online Games
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Also known as roto, fantasy sports is creating waves on the Internet. Fantasy sports are games where one can create an imaginary or virtual team of actual players, who then play a professional sport and compete against other players. The teams that are created by participants can be changed and players can be dropped manually.

The performance of the team then gives the participants points which can be compared against a leaderboard. Fantasy sports games are a realistic simulation that gives a thrill and is a popular form of entertainment in the 21st century.

In October 1995, the very first fantasy game of hockey was released online by Molson Breweries. This was so well-received that by 1999, in the United States alone, 29.6 million people were playing fantasy sports. Two decades later, the fantasy sports industry is worth more than $7 billion.

Today, in India alone, 20 million people played fantasy sports. The Indian fantasy games market is projected to be a $5 billion industry in the coming two years and more than 100 million people are predicted to begin playing the games.

Some popular fantasy sports are played in cricket, golf, football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, auto racing, etc.

What fantasy sport do you play?

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