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Have To Work This New Year? Here’s How You Can Still Make It Meaningful & Fun

Have To Work This New Year? Here’s How You Can Still Make It Meaningful & Fun
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If you are going to spend most of the days at the beginning of the New Year at work while your friends are out enjoying themselves, don’t worry. Here are some perfect ways to still have fun while you are at your workplace.

Challenge your colleagues to a round of rummy during the lunch break:

Refer your colleagues on Rummy Adda and earn a hefty referral bonus. Then get everyone together and play rummy online. It will be a great stress-buster and lift everyone’s spirits. Do you want to know how to make money online? By playing rummy on Rummy Adda!

Ask everyone to write one New Year’s resolution and make them drop it in a bag:

Ask people to write their New Year’s resolution on a piece of paper, with or without their names and drop it in a bag. Then read it out loud. It will be a source of laughter and inspiration.

Bury old hatchets at work:

Did you have a tiff with someone at work in 2019? Extend an olive branch. The New Year is for new beginnings, isn’t it?

Exchange simple cards & gifts:

Give your colleagues a sweet yet simple ‘Happy New Year’ card with a handwritten message on it. Exchanging gifts is another idea that will add to the excitement and put a smile on everyone’s faces.

So what do you think? Happy New Year!

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