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How Does The Points Scoring System Work In Rummy?

How Does The Points Scoring System Work In Rummy?
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Unlike most games where scoring maximum points are important, in rummy, the player who scores 0 points wins. The rummy rules state that the player with the maximum points in the game loses.

If you are new to playing rummy, it might be a little difficult to understand the points scoring system for you. Each card in rummy carries points.

l) A, K, Q, J of all four suits have 10 points.

2) Joker cards carry 0 points.

3) All number cards carry points equal to their value, for eg. six of spades carries 6 points and so on.

At the end of the game, when one player declares, the points for all the players are counted, depending upon the cards that are still in their hand (not melded on the table). A total of these points is made and that helps in determining the winner. If the players have no pure sequence, all of the cards that they have will be counted for points. A maximum of 80 points can be counted for each player even if the total goes beyond that number.

Each player can also drop their game. If they drop in the first turn, they get 20 points. In the turns after first, the player gets 40 points for dropping the game.

At the end of multiple pre-decided rounds, a winner is declared. The winnings are calculated by summing up all the points of the opponents, multiplied by the rupee value of each point. For eg, if 1 point = 1 rupee, then when the total of all the points of losing players in 200 points, the winner gets 200 rupees.

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