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Mistakes To Avoid While Playing Online Rummy

Mistakes To Avoid While Playing Online Rummy
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Are you new to the 13 card rummy game and want to learn the ropes? To get better at the game of rummy and improve your rummy skills, avoid making these rookie mistakes that online rummy beginners often make.

1. Forgetting about the sequences:

Don’t focus on making sets when you don’t have a pure sequence and real sequence ready. Sets are of no value if you don’t have the sequences.

2. Stocking up on jokers:

A classic rummy mistake, most new players love jokers and think that collecting them will make you win the game. Just jokers won’t help, you need to have the sequences.

3. Getting too excited and skip observing:

Keeping an eye on the cards that are picked by your opponents can help you guess the sequence they are aiming for. Don’t let the excitement of the game distract you.

4. Holding on to high-value cards:

Learning the skill to discard cards is also very important. Discard high-cards that are not useful to you to avoid on losing points.

5. Not planning, not arranging:

Another common mistake made by newbies is forgetting to arrange the hand. Arranging the cards that are dealt to you, in the beginning, will help you plan the game ahead.

Keep your emotions aside, use the power of logic. Also, don’t declare too soon! Increase your game skills by referring to the ‘How To Play’ guide available on Rummy Adda. Play rummy today!

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