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Online Gaming: Myths vs Facts

Online Gaming: Myths vs Facts
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In India and abroad, online gaming has caught on like wildfire. People love playing games on their phones and computers and often find a getaway of their own through online games.

Let’s dispel some popular myths about online games:

1. Myth: Online gaming is bad for kids.

Fact: Online games are a form of brain exercise. Within certain parameters, online games can be helpful to kids. The research suggested that 30 minutes of gameplay can help them build self-confidence and aid in their development.

2. Myth: Online gaming can make you addicted.

Fact: Like cigarettes, alcohol, desserts or any habit, addiction is within the control of a human being. The games offer a fun experience, where to draw the line is up to each individual.

3. Myth: Only those who have a lot of free time play games.

Fact: Online games are a form of recreation. From CEOs to artists, everyone plays games. It is not limited to those who have a lot of time on their hands.

4. Myth: Investing money in online games in gambling and you will lose money.

Fact: It is the word of law, that many real money games like rummy are games of skill and not games of luck. The people behind real money games have constantly given out gifts and people have often used social media to share their experiences of actually winning real money through online gaming.

5. Myth: You are not safe using online games, your data is always at risk.

Fact: Most companies follow strict privacy protocols and do not leak the personal details of their customers. Also, India is constantly evolving and becoming digitally stronger. Many gaming apps and websites have serious digital security protocols in place.

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