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Does Psychology Play A Role In Playing Rummy?

Does Psychology Play A Role In Playing Rummy?
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Rummy is a lot more than just a card game. It has nuances of psychology weaved into the gameplay. One of the basic examples of psychology in rummy is when a player’s confidence level influences his or her skill on the table. As rummy is not a pure game of luck, a player’s psychology plays an important role.

A study published in the journal, Consciousness, and Cognition, titled ‘Influencing Choice Without Awareness’ revealed that humans tend to remember some cards more easily than the others. For example, aces are easier to visualize and remember than the other cards, according to this study of psychology. When a person playing rummy is making a sequence using the high cards like aces or queens, the opponents are more likely to remember that and this insight may play a role in a person winning or losing the game.

Also, a basic knowledge of strategy helps in rummy. The powers of observation, in online and offline rummy, are important to judge the other players’ moves and to keep an eye on the discarded cards. The players’ chat in online rummy is a great lead to find out what the other players are feeling as this feeling is generally a consequence of the cards they have.

The next time you play rummy, brush up your knowledge of the psyche!

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