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13 Card Rummy Tips & Tricks That Will Help You Play Better

13 Card Rummy Tips & Tricks That Will Help You Play Better
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Love playing rummy at Rummy Adda? Here are some tips to help you play better and win more:

Tip 1: Remember the cards that were discarded or picked by your opponents.

This will ensure that you don’t try to make a sequence whose crucial cards are already used.

Tip 2: Remember the power of the Joker card and use it right.

The Joker card can be the difference between winning or losing the game. Use it sparingly and don’t wait too long to use it.

Tip 3: Discard unused high cards first.

If you are not using the high cards like K,Q or A, discard them first.

Tip 4: Arrange your cards even if they are not in a sequence.

Arrange the cards that can form a potential sequence together, making it easier for you to never miss a card you could have benefited from.

Tip 5: Learn to move on with a sequence.

If you are waiting for a card to turn up and it takes too long, move on to a new sequence formation.

Keep watching this space for more tips and tricks to win more at the popular 13 card rummy. Tell us how using these tips helped you play better. Share it with your friends!

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