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Rummy vs Teen Patti – What’s Better?

Rummy vs Teen Patti – What’s Better?
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The card games of rummy and teen patti are the most popular ones in India. With the digital revolution, both these games are played by millions of players online, as they offer a chance to earn money by using your skills.

Which of the two games are better? Let’s compare the various aspects of rummy and teen patti.

No. of cards

Rummy is generally played with 13 cards in India, with a pile of cards available for picking and discarding cards. Teen patti is played with 3 cards only. No cards are discarded or picked during the game.

Goal of the game

The goal of rummy to meld before other players and score the fewest points in a round to win. The goal of teen patti is to have cards that have a higher value than the cards of other players.

Playing blind

You cannot play a blind game in rummy. A blind game means betting without looking at the cards. In teen patti you can play blind.

Time taken & betting

Rummy does not require you to place money on the table before beginning the game, while teen patti mandates this. Also, the time taken for a round of rummy is much more than a round of teen patti. In India, you can play both the games online but teen patti can only be played with dummy money.

Luck vs skill

Rummy is purely a game of skill while teen patti is a game of chance.

Which one do you think is better?

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