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The Interesting History & Evolution Of Rummy

The Interesting History & Evolution Of Rummy
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In India and abroad, the card game ‘rummy’ has been played with several variations. The history of the game is nearly a thousand years old.

David Parlett, a games scholar from South London wrote a book called ‘The Penguin Book of Card Games’ that was published in 1958. In this book, he stated that the game rummy originated from the Mexican game ‘Conquian’ that is centuries old. Conquian is said to have its roots in a Chinese multi-trick game called ‘Khanhoo’ which was played during the Ming dynasty in the 12th century AD.

A British sinologist and Consul General in China and Korea, Sir William Henry Wilkinson adapted the game of Khanhoo for Western tastes in the mid-1890s. The core principle of the game of rummy, to draw and discard cards also appeared around the same time in the Chinese card games. From there, the game spread across the globe.

Indian Rummy is believed to have originated from two-player ‘gin rummy’, that originated in 1909 and ‘500 rummy’ that first began in the United States. A major difference between Indian rummy and the standard rummy is in the number of cards dealt ̶ 6 or 7 in basic rummy and 13 in Indian. Rummy continues to be one of the most entertaining card games around the globe, played by people of all ages.

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