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5 Types Of Rummy Players – Which One Are You?

5 Types Of Rummy Players – Which One Are You?
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The popularity of online rummy is increasing every day. People from all walks of life are enjoying themselves playing online rummy. Most of the rummy players can be broadly divided into these five types.

1. The Novice:

Almost every table has a novice player who has just started playing and is still learning the ropes. They tend to make a lot of rookie mistakes but are still learning.

2. The Risk Taker

These are the ones who would accumulate points with high cards and keep changing their sequences, no matter what the risk. Sometimes they win big, sometimes they lose.

3. The Sequence-Breaker:

This type of player is in for the fun. They care less about their own cards and more about the cards the other players have. They will observe, remember than then pick the card you waited for the most.

4. The Dedicated One:

These players love playing rummy and will play from the start until the end. They are aggressive and ambitious when it comes to the gameplay and won’t accept defeat.

5. The Strategy Master

These intelligent players are calm, composed and make calculated moves. They always have a strategy brewing and tend to win many hands because of the planning.

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