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How To Understand Your Opponents While Playing Online Rummy ?

How To Understand Your Opponents While Playing Online Rummy ?
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While playing rummy offline, facing your opponents there are several facial and non-verbal cues that may help you understand your opponents and their rummy skills. But while playing online cash rummy that isn’t possible. So how do you understand your opponent? Follow these rummy tricks and techniques:

  • Keep a mental note of the cards your opponents are picking. This will not only help you plot a strategy but also when an opponent discards a card they picked, you can make an assumption that either they were bluffing to distract or had to change their sequence in the middle of the game.
  • If an opponent constantly discards jokers and picks up only high cards, you can assume that he/she is a novice at the game. A player may discard a joker also when they are about to meld or go gin.
  • Some rummy experts can quickly understand the cards you are collecting. If the opponent never discards a card you need, understand they are pros and be alert of their moves. They are as observant as you and can predict your moves. That’s the time to change your strategy and be a step ahead of others.
  • Another important thing that can help you understand your opponent is the person’s playing time and rhythm. Are they quick to discard and pick or do they take their time? When they take time, it means that they don’t have a clear strategy or are changing the old one.

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