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What Card Games Are Trending On The Internet?

What Card Games Are Trending On The Internet?
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If you are a fan of playing cards, then this article is going to interest you! Do you know what card games are trending online today? You can play them 24×7 with real players and from anywhere you want. Here are some games that are super popular.

1. Poker:

One of the most popular online games that involves a bit of skill, luck and strategy, poker is a hit among Indian players. A glamorous game that has been used in many movies, it has many variants like Hold’Em, Seven Card Stud and Omaha.

2. Rummy:

Rummy has been a favourite among card players. Online platforms like Rummy Adda offer a chance to win real money along with a chance to avail amazing offers and promotions. Playing rummy is a thrilling adventure that pays.

3. Blackjack:

Another popular online card game is Blackjack, where scoring 21 points is important but going over 21 points makes you lose. It is also a trending game in casinos offline.

4. Teen Patti:

Played with just three cards, Teen Patti is a game that originated in India that involves strategy, skill and a little bit of luck, just like poker. The game has often been one of the top ten grossing games played by Indians across several genres.

5. Solitaire:

You’ll remember this game because it was one of the most basic games that all Windows PCs had. It was the only past time we had at work before Androids and video games became popular. It continues to be an engaging game for Indians to indulge in even today.

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